Software Factory

The Software Factory in Helsinki is a unique lab where we are able to carry out several exciting and cross-disciplinary projects. It offers students interested in software engineering a close-to-reality working experience where they can learn how to communicate, how to document their work, how to apply principles of software engineering, and what software companies are really looking for. Industry companies are also highly interested in our Software Factory because it provides a convenient environment for prototyping and helping to identify problems in software development at first sight. From a research angle, the Software Factory is a promising laboratory environment for performing empirical studies. In contrast to other software engineering laboratories, the Software Factory is not only focusing on software engineering experimentation, but also supporting the experimentation of companies on the business level. For instance, a Software Factory project can be used to create a so-called minimum viable product that can be shipped to potential customers and helps startups to learn about the real customer value of their products. This can help to answer questions such as whether consumers recognize the problem that a startup is trying to solve. The Software Factory contributes to both, better understanding of software engineering practices and better understanding the business value of innovative products.

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