Cloud Software Factory

Currently, there is a tremendous demand to provide products and services that include cloud computing. Despite this demand, the body of knowledge for cloud software development consists predominantly of technologies such as techniques, languages, and tools rather than methods and knowledge regarding the effects of such technologies in practical development environments. It is widely unknown which practices, techniques, and methods are effective for cloud-related software development and maintenance and how to select appropriate technologies for specific development goals and environments. Companies that want to make use of the benefits of cloud technologies need to get an understanding of the effects of available technologies for their specific development environment and must be able to identify and assess development risks. The project aims at producing an approach for systematic cloud software technology evaluation, which will be packaged and tried out in a real-life context in several case trials. As a result, this enables the systematic built up of strategies for cloud computing (such as combining open source, open interfaces as well as commercial products in cloud software development) from the quality modeling viewpoint enabling companies to explicitly define service level agreements and targets, as an example. Additionally, the project contributes to better understanding distributed software development in the cloud.

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